Компания "ФинЛайн"
предлагает услуги по перевозке грузов. Организуем доставку любым удобным для Вас видом транспорта (автотранспорт, авиа, морской или железнодорожный)
Поможем в оформлении грузов и складском хранении. Предлагаем международную перевозку, в том числе опасных грузов, хрупких, особо крупных размеров и негабаритных. Поможем организовать грузоперевозку по максимально выгодному маршруту, с учетом всех особенностей.

Автоперевозки экспортных и импортных грузов автомобилями объемом от 20 до 120 м3



We offer you a wide range of transportation services. Even if you have never dealt with goods delivery, our specialists will help you to fill up all transportation documentation and will handle all questions of goods transportation together with supply contractor.  

International transportation/ Transportation inside the country

We have possibility to deliver different kinds of loads, from standard to dangerous, off-gauge and expensive ones. Transportation is accomplished by tented and metal cars with the load space from 25 to 170 m3. Besides we offer you the delivery of containers 20DC, 40DC, 40HC. The traffic route of each transport mean is controlled by the company managers that gives possibility to get information about goods location and date of delivery in any time. In order to provide precise performance of our obligations handling the goods in required scope and time, our company signed direct long-term contracts with transportation companies of Russia, Union of Independent Countries, Baltic countries and European countries - companies with reliable and stable position at the market of cargo transportation.  


Assembled goods 
Our company organises supply of light-sized and assembled goods by motor transport without restrictions on scope and weight to any world destination. Courier service is also available.  


Customs clearance
Accomplishment of customs clearance to your goods will be performed in full correspondence with the laws. Our subdivisions are located in Helsinki, Hatima, Lappenranta and Turku. Our customs brokers in Sankt-Petersburg and Moscow offer you reasonable prices for customs clearance of your cargo.

Air transportation Avia
The company delivers cargo by air from any place of the world and in any direction. You will get the professional assistance either in transportation of standard cargo or in transportation of fragile stores, heavy bulk stores and hazardous supplies. We provide services and pricing for container and flight transportation. Owning to rather wide network of partners around the world it is possible to arrange deliveries straight to the client in Russia, China, European cities, US cities and in back direction.

Overseas transportation

Overseas transportation is an important component of international delivery system. Cooperation with the largest world sea lines gives us opportunity to transit your goods effectively, safely and the most importantly, in time.The company organises the delivery of your cargo to any Finnish port.



Combined transportation 
We accomplish combined transportation by means of different type of transport and in any direction. Branched network of the company makes possible to conduct linking of different type of transport in sea ports, airports, terminals, railway stations in order to provide efficient and economical traffic route of cargo transportation, with the strict control of delivery procedure at any stage.

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Перевозка грузов от 1 кг
Грузоперевозка с Finline Evro Trans OY проходит при вашем минимальном участии, однако вы остаетесь в курсе каждого этапа транспортировки. Наши менеджеры в любое время свяжутся с вами и предоставят полную и исчерпывающую информацию обо всем, что вас интересует.